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Walking the runways of Portland, Oregon.

I am FAT AND THRIVING. Yyaaaassss. Let em’ eat cake.


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Look at her… 🙌

A message from Anonymous
Ah man you probably get told this all the time but you are my favorite blog. Your outlook on life and body positivity is so wonderful and my favorite thing. It has helped me be more body positive and I've been much happier because of it. Thank you!

:does a celebratory jig: THANK YOU! Only ever so often do I get feedback on how a follower perceived my blog and how I’ve affected their own journey of self love. It’s just so fucking rewarding to know that what I’m doing, sharing, giving- is SO much bigger than myself. I just want us all to be in awe of ourselves. I know we will still have days where we don’t feel that great about ourselves, but what’s important is to always get back that feeling of wonderment and awe about your own existence. You guys help hold me accountable to love myself. To exercise courage. So, thank you so god damn much. Sincerely.

I helped make you feel more body positive and thus more happy? Really?!Fuck. That is so cool. Yes yes yes. All the Yesses! You’re exactly why I exist on tumblr.
A message from Anonymous
There isn't such a thing as a cusp :/ if you knew the exact minute/second you were born you would know which sign you were.

False: Google, life, and astrological “experts” say a cusp is completely possible. Plus, signs are based on months- not down to the second. Your minutes and seconds tell you your other signs such as rising and descending.

Plus, I never take Anons too seriously, I’m sure you understand.

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Brow game: strong

Brow game: strong